Thursday, October 9, 2003

JBoss PR, redux

Joe Ottinger writes that a more fitting end to my last piece might feature the Jeff Beck quote: "You'll get yo ass bit."

Since I'm not very musically sophisticated, Joe provides the following background information. "He recently put out an album (called "Jeff!") that has a cover that looks like this: a stick, with a single string (of twine!), and the "body" of the "guitar" has a note, and I'm paraphrasing: "This gitar belong to a hilbily named jeff an if you fine it you better give it back or u will get yo ass bit."

I most definitely will have to familiarize myself with the Jeff Beck oeuvre. However, Joe, I think you're missing the point. Are you confusing style with intent? If you want masochism for the masses, go read Hani. What part of our business model don't you understand? We're not about giving it away now. "Customers pay."

...and I'm not sure that kind of service is in our published pricing scheme, but if it was, it would be very expensive...people always seem to be confusing Professional Open Source with the human fulfillment business. That must be why they're so disappointed when they get to know us.

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