Monday, October 13, 2003

Cherchez la femme...

***Warning*** You did not come here through javablogs. You will find no insights about java, or about technology at all for that matter. I am not an open source diva. The views I advocate are purely my own and those of the shop around the corner that I work for. I'm not a diva at all. I can't sing. I have occasionally been called a brat. You will not find truth or beauty here. If you are still reading at this point, you can only blame your idle curiosity, and we all know where that leads...

Some one actually accused me of writing this blog to promote my husband. I assure you (as will she) that I'm not that clever. Veramente Chiara, si non e vero, e ben trovato.

On m'accuse?...I wonder if the Valerie Plame thing is a reference to me. Of course you can never be sure, it would be a little self-absorbed to think so (people always make that mistake when JBoss people communicate--take things personally that have nothing to do with them), although I do have twins. Well that Valerie Plame reference actually seems rather nice. I guess 31 is a bit long in the tooth to play the chick from Alias. Of course, if I was going to do a jibe at me, I would have come up with some far more disturbing mothers of twins like her or her. And then, if I were married to a French ambassador, he might have had to have attended this school. I'm an American, so I just thought I married a boy from a polytechnic.

I also thought my better half was out running terrorist training camps, but it would appear that we've joined the Establishment. And then, it would appear that afer a raucous night in the dissolute life of a mostly single mother involving being woken up at multiple hours by barking dog and twin A and then twin B (being such clever, cutting edge technology people, we produced a high availability, failover configuration) until about 5:30 at which point the four year old crawls into bed and then the night is my spare time I may have contributed to a war. In this sorry situation, do I have any advice to offer?

Yes I do. In the spirit of Chicago, to all you men out there, if you see domesticity on the horizon, run from it..."Stay away from dogs and children and girls who play for keeps."

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