Friday, May 14, 2010

Facebook "friendbore"?

It could be you!

As a frequent offender in this category, and parent of a 'tween child and all the drama that entails, I was telling my husband how schools, or preferably parents, ought to introduce their children to the finer points of "How Not to be a Cad on the Internet".

My husband said: That makes me think of something. I used to have 405 Facebook friends two days ago and today I only have 403.

Maybe they really weren't your "friends" in the first place.

Yeah, but to get unfriend-ed by two people in the space of two days?

Well, didn't you accidentally befriend that person who mortally betrayed us in business because you used the Facebook Email Addresses Ap (and you had forgotten they were still there)? They agreed to friend you and then you "unfriended" them within a space of minutes. That was pretty cold.

(Distracted) I'm still wondering what I might have done recently.

Maybe you're one of "those" people.

What people?

"Friedbores," you know the number one most boring person in your Facebook "news" page. The one whose posting frequency is only matched by the inanity of their subject matter.


Who knows. Maybe you tweeted a few floaters recently and that was it. Problem solved, instant erasure! And like that, you're gone.

Of course, I only thought about this because I worried that the same thing was going to happen to me after a few of my status updates...

Ah the age of technology, when you can go from friendwhore to friendbore in a matter of seconds.

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