Monday, January 26, 2009

Dimitri the Stud

Recently came across the "Dimitri the Stud" message supposedly left on a woman's work voicemail. The "elegant" lady in question caught Dimitri's attention after a chance two-minute public meeting. Whether real or fake, this is one of the funniest audios I've listened to in a long time. Supposedly the "real" Dmitri is actually from Toronto and runs a website called Dmitri the Lover. There, for a price, he offers men advice on how to improve their game in the dating scene.

Andy Oliver and I had a chuckle about the advice giving business. "That's awesome. So he's an expert....yet "very single"... Reminds me of our field. Lots of advice from people who are not actually good at whatever it is they are doing :-)"


fiona said...

The Dimitri tape is hilarious, thanks for sharing it

Nathalie said...

Dmitri made my day. When I came across it I felt like I was the only person who doesn't live on Twitter and hadn't discovered him yet, but then thought, what the heck, he's too good not pass on.

Also, if you have time to read the comments in the "Sherman" blog where the audio is posted, some of them are as funny as the original voicemail.

Anonymous said...

The voicemails are part of viral marketing for a documentary about Dimitri The Lover. I’m sure because my cousin lives in Toronto and she and her friend were interviewed for it back in July ‘08.
They were walking down the street and a film crew asked them to see some movie footage of Dimitri talking and give opinions on camera. You can hear clues in the voicemails they're staged, like when he tries not to laugh at certain parts, mentions the film he’s working on in another part, and goes way over the top in the second voicemail. I work at a marketing company and my colleagues feel the way these "viral voicemails" were released was meant to create notoriety leading up to film release. It's quite brilliant! My cousin saw Dimitri in person during the filming. He's good looking and quite charming when chatting up women. They were swooning and he got phone numbers (on hidden camera). One of the production assistants told my cousin that he's a "really nice guy" and quite "harmless". I do have my doubts when I see links like these:

Nathalie said...

Thanks for the background, Anonymous. I had checked out the Dmitri the Lover website, and found it in pretty poor taste.

Some classic lines in the "TorontoRealMen" link

"... Dimitri The Lover lecturing for 3 solid hours on WHERE to find depressed women who are suffering from post-Valentine’s Day blues and HOW to approach them in a manner that evokes concern for their plight yet simultaneously takes advantage of it."

I read that Dimitri was a doctor who had his license taken away for sexually assaulting female patients.

As for the viral marketing campaign, if that is what it is, I respect it because at least the voicemails are highly entertaining and do channel (albeit in an extreme way) some real men all of us have encountered out there.

Dimitri sounds like a version of the male motivational speaker Tom Cruise played in "Magnolia" or one of the guys in David Foster Wallace's short story collection "Brief Interviews with Hideous Men."

Nathalie said...

For anybody who may have noticed a change in this post--done for reasons purely personal--likely doomed New Year's resolution: be a better person...

Anonymous said...

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