Thursday, January 22, 2004

A Hazy Shade of Winter

Might-have-been's become never-to-be's;
Possibilities unforeseen
Bloom and fade.
The growth of an idea, a question, a phoneme.
Sound waves bounce images black and white,
Growth truncated by blight.
Count to sleep under the surgeon's knife,
Wake up to emptiness.

Lie weak and weary.
Drink soursop tea,
Creole sensibilities,
Radiance, resonance and revenants.
Natal day shared with Poe.

Six paperwhite bulbs,
Winter forcing in Deco glass.
Holly tree outside the window.

Roman shades, color of creme brulee.
Lustre of raw silk,
Baby's sigh and rumble of passing train.
Prismatic water droplets shatter
Mosaic tile of celadon and bleached bone,
Shifting patterns of light.

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