Sunday, December 7, 2003

Merde in France

I discovered this link courtesy of my uncle--"Live from the Belly of the Beast, Les Entrailles de la Bete," an American blogger with the perspective of "more than 20 years behind enemy lines."

...A very impressive mastery of the French vernacular. I wonder if he picked it up doing a DEA with people from Normale Superieure? I definitely missed out on my education. For instance who know the correct translation of bureaucrappers was "les bureaucrottes" or, that to the French, Dubya is "Doubelyou."

With posts such as

The French read 1.7 books a year (including rugbymen calendars) Les franchouilles lisent 1,7 livres par an (calendriers de rugbymen y compris)

What the French are reading. The following excerpts are from Y.B.'s novel 'Allah Superstar' which was on the French best seller list after its publication in August of this year.

'I wouldn't say that 9-11 was a good thing, no. First off it was badly filmed and on top of that we'll probably learn that the Jews did it ...'

'... we should understand the young Muslims that express themselves by doing rodeos with stolen airplanes, even if they should avoid parking them in the building itself, that's true, but at the same time it's not easy to park a Boeing in Manhattan in September.'

It's no wonder that he so's popular over there. Half the fun is reading comments like this one from Laurent, from Navire.

'Sa mauvaise foi est si enorme et systematique, son talent a manier la vulgarite et l'insulte orduriere est si manifeste, qu'il en devient au second degre une lecture tout a fait rejouissante.'

'His lack of sincerety is so enormous and systematic, his talent for vulgarity and slander so great, that if not taken at face value he provides a truly pleasurable read.'

I love this guy. A valuable addition to my daily reading repertory.

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